Matthew Bozarth

Living life.

Web Development


  • Summer 2006 – Dec 2007

This is a site that already existed but the content was all static. The client wanted a content management system that would let users easily translate the site so it could be used around the world.


  • The night of August 23, 2006
  • Solo, personal project

OneFile is a very small application that I made to solve one problem. It lets anyone upload one file and anyone can download it. Sometimes email has too much overhead and instant messenger is not always reliable. I cannot tell you how useful this simple application has been since I created it. OneFile does one thing and it does it well. I consider it a very successful application, even though it wasn’t difficult to create.

Here is a blog post with more information.


  • July 2006
  • 1 month
  • Solo project, working closely with client
  • Responsible for back end

Dashboard is a content management system for musicians. This was built in a month’s time for Fonogenic, whom I worked closely with during development. At this time it is not in production, as it need’s an artist’s touch creating a front end, but you can read my restrospective.


  • In Development: Summer 2006

This is a small project to keep myself occupied as I look for work. It is designed to allow someone to display projects they have worked on. A portfolio template. A development demo is available for viewing.


  • Finished: February 2006
  • Length of Project: 6 months (part time)
  • Size of Team: 5
  • Position: Lead Programmer

This is a content management system (CMS) that I helped develop over two ten-week quarters at Rose-Hulman for a department on campus, Institutional Research Planning & Assessment (IRPA).

The objective of the project was to create a CMS (content management system) that would be powerful enough to be put into production as well as simple enough for non-technical users. In eight weeks we designed and wrote it using Ruby on Rails.

Haverly Contacts

  • Length of Project: Summer 2005
  • Size of Team: 1

In the summer of 2005, I worked at Haverly Systems Inc. While there, I designed and developed a solution for managing company-wide client contact information through a website using PHP, Microsoft SQL Server, and XHTML.

This was my first web project and I learned PHP, XHTML, CSS and SQL in order to complete the project. According to Haverly Systems, the system is “very stable and has become a valuable tool for staff.”