Matthew Bozarth

Living life.


My latest and most up to date resume can be accessed in PDF format here.


Microsoft Game Studios – Project Spark

Position: Software Design Engineer 2 (Contract)
Dates: October 2012 – October 2013

Worked with designers and artists to design and implement UI screens. Much of my focus was on creating a generic gallery system which was used as a foundation to build a prop gallery, material gallery, and dressing room. The work involved constant iteration with design as well as closely working with UI artists to put their vision into the game as well as refactoring and rebuilding old deprecated screens. Tools used include: C++, Expression Blend, WPF, and XAML.

Gaikai, A Sony Computer Entertainment Company

Position: Onboarding Engineer
Dates: March 2011 – September 2012

Prepared custom and retail game builds for streaming to the web over our cloud network. Utilized shell and Python scripts to streamline game launches, create accounts, bypass launchers, specify and lock down settings, accommodate DRM, and support cloud storage. Contributed to in-house tools using Python, shell, and HTML.


Position: Junior Engineer
Dates: November 2009 to April 2010
Project: Ben10: Ultimate Alien – Cars: Mater’s Memories

Implemented new engine features, improved content pipeline, and added gameplay features for designers as well as working on and fixing complex systems already in place. Development was done in C++ for the following platforms: PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Wii.

Technicolor Interactive

Position: Junior Engineer
Dates: June to August 2009
Project: Darksiders

Worked with 3ds Max animation files and the client’s proprietary game engine to ensure compatibility between them for in-game cinematics for the game Darksiders which came out for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in January 2010.


M.S. Game Design & Development, May 2009
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rochester, NY

B.S. Computer Science, May 2007
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Terre Haute, IN

Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages: C++, C#, Ruby, Lua, Java, Scheme
  • Graphical Libraries: DirectX 10, DirectX 9, XNA, OpenGL
  • Development Software: Visual Studio, Eclipse, vi, Subversion
  • Web Technologies: HTML, CSS XML, Ruby on Rails, PHP, MySQL
  • Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista, Linux